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ecu tester repair bench Do you need verification testing? You may be interested in our Test & Repair/Return Services? We offer ECM Verification Testing and we specialize in Repair and Return Services for Early Model (1990-2012) Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Mitsubishi DSM, Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura. 00 Add to cart; Mercedes Benz ECU test harness set full function test platform compatible 12 types ECU $ 199. I cant communicate with anything on the high speed bus, although the data on the bus is good, resistance if good etc. I. ECU Testing and repair specialise in testing & repair of Engine Control Units, BSI / BCM Airbag ABS and convenience modules for all modules and makes of vehicle. pcm engine control unit primary control module, ecu replacement, ecu repair. Instrument cluster repairs for most common vehicle makes and models, we provide an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty with every cluster we supply or rebuild. Wholesale cheap car maker -automotive ecu sensor simulator testing bench for repair mst-9000+ code readers & scan tools from Chinese code readers & scan tools supplier - pubao on DHgate. Many cases we can make it plug and play at a fraction of the . JM Test Systems is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of electrical safety, test equipment, calibration, tool repair, test benches, and trailers. But i cant find a good pinout for bench testing. 20 $359. This video shows how we bench test sets of engine computers. We have been in the automotive industry for many years. LEARN MORE. Output signal: magnetic signals, Hall signals, optical signals. at a high speed. It supports and connects so many different software tools, that it easily fits in numerous existing test and validation processes. 00 Add to cart Mark Future CAN ECU Tester And Repair Bench Get Best Quote. Oct 27, 2019 · Some time I have to repair ecu's but I'm always in doubt does I really finished the repair or not. 40PCS independent connecting wire can be used to test ECU . Look for incorrect potentiometer settings. We have gained experience in repairing Ecu's over the years. Now we have state of the art equipment for testing Ecu's on the bench. BENCH TEST DIAGNOSES ON FIELD . Regular price $ . be and began breaking into vehicles. 00 Add to cart Universal Cars ECU Tester MST-9000+ Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool mst9000 ecu repair . Ecu-programmer. But was wanting a way to bench test all the gauges. 6. 00 Mercedes Benz NTG6 Headunit MBUX Infotainment navigation system test platform $ 319. GODIAG GT100 ECU Breakout Box Features: Display Voltage and Current Function : GT100 OBDII Breakout Box connect with ECU module via banana connector or DB25 connector, can directly shows your current data. and check it with diagnostic tester through obd2. And Programming. Mar 9, 2021 - www. The numbers go like this: 1 is Red/Ground, 2 is Orange, 4 is Yellow, 10 is Green, and 20 is Brown. Quick Links. Every rebuild we carry out includes the replacement of all common failing . Mercedes Benz ABR ABS Module ESP repairing on bench test platform $ 59. Harness - WWW. 20 Flash EEPROM Programmer for Cars Ecu Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. 02. 7% Response Rate. Jan 17, 2017 · The Process of a Mercedes ECU, Mercedes ECM Diagnostic. This test platform supports all cars to connect all control units on the bench, and supports CAN-BUS communication and LIN-BUS communication. Answer: We do offer worldwide shipping and we also ship to Dubai. « Pre-Purchase Inspections / Marine Surveyor. September (1) For over 16 years, ECU Repair Now has been providing diagnostics, testing reprogramming, and repair services for automotive electrical components. The blog is to help vehicle owner get more ECU programmer info and use the chip tuning tool easier. We have been in the business since 1972 and are able to repair the ecu’s from all. We also re-manufacture Mass Air Flow Sensors, Anti-Lock Brake Computers EBCM’S and anti-lock brake hydraulic units for domestic and foreign automobiles. 7 We then test the ECU's with our proprietary electronic lab equipment on our bench, which emulates the car's engine to ensure accuracy in every diagnosis. - Articulated arm for adapters. Cheap Mechanical Testers, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:Diesel Engine ECU Test Bench PHS Sensor Signal Simulator Tool MST 9001D Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. On bench key test platform, key adaption cables, test harness, audio host repair harness. We can Test and Repair your unit, or Exchange it for a replacement ECU. 200 matches. Availability:In Stock. COM | ECU Repair solution center. The machine is designed to service hydraulic cylinders to an extended length of 22 feet (6. 0 reviews. If the number you are getting do not match these test numbers there is most likely a harness problem. # 444 Katy, TX 77450 . We are the ONLY company that runs every computer through a computer aided vehicle simulator to test for quality and compatibility with your car & VIN. Our technicians will bench test the fault and . 7 m), with up to a 16 inch (406. Read/write data by . Watch More Videos. Which will increase the range of ECM's we can test in our workshop. Electronics is an Industry Leader in the Re-manufacturing of Automotive Electronic Control Modules ECU’S for all Domestic and Foreign Vehicles with over 20 years of experience. 50 plus P+P S. ECU-TEST allows for a consistent and effective automation of the entire test environment. CAS4 Cloning. Mobile: 00 370 672 88644 Phone: 00 370 5 262 0270 Jan 21, 2021 · We are equipped to test & repair by return of post (test fee £14. Get Best Quote. 10E). ($8. Sloppy Mechanics Bench Flashing harness build sheet and instructions for obd2 (blue red/green) style LS ecu's (and some more) If you are competent and just looking for what wires go where, without any filler, skip to bottom. Repair, Remanufacture and Reprogramming Modules. 00. VOLKSWAGEN ECU BOSCH MED17. This is why so many ECU's are tested by these companies and either cant be repaired or they cant find the problem or are repaired and returned as "fixed" yet still the problem remains. ECM PCM TESTING & REPAIR SERVICES. Our main speciality is Ecu Remapping. £1000-1200. Product Code:ECU Programming and repair training courses. Test Fees. I think that it is useful to check the ecu after repair, check video . FG Technology Bench Plus + . Please note: New website at aj6engineering. info @ dielektrik. 1. types of vehicles. Simple Process With Updates ECU Team keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Mercedes Benz Steering column module steering angle control unit test bench $ 60. 00 Add to cart ECU Basics. Jan 21, 2021 · We are equipped to test & repair by return of post (test fee £14. IMMO Universal Decoding 3. Faulty ECU or ACU: Can be tested on our bench tester. Dec 26, 2020 · Has anyone this tester or could suggest something similar. 82 - 583. An ECU test bench, like the one shown in Figure 7-1, consists of an ECU, a power supply, an optional power switch, and an OBD-II connector. ECU Testing: A lot of ECU repairs come to us from Main Dealers or other vehicle workshops that are unsure of the exact problem with the vehicle and are not familiar with the diagnostic trouble codes. Test Bench for AC Compressors. 6-101, Vilnius, 09117, Lithuania. Audi EPS J500 Test Platform C7/4G 2012–2018 A6 A7 B8 /8K 2008-2016 A4 Q5 Electric Power Steering Repair . 00 – $ 99. Since the 1980s, many car companies have chosen to outfit their vehicles with multiple computers . This is generally possible by conntecting battery power supply (battery +), ignition, ground (earth, battery -), CAN-H / CAN-L or ISO9141 K-Line directly to ECU and OBD-II connector. The cable is fitted with an OBD2 female plug allowing connection any OBD flash tool. This plugin integrates Jenkins with ECU-TEST and generates reports on automated test execution. We can also make many Asian and European replacement ECUs/ECMs/PCMs plug and play!!! Domestic Instrument Clusters and Kelsey Hayes EBCM repair!! Jan 11, 2021 · OBD, Bootloader and BENCH solutions for ECU and TCU FLEX version 5. Register to buy. than I but the result is sometime the same as mine. MS004 COM – Test bench for alternators and starters. Problem with a Bad ECU? We´re the alternative to the dealership. 2 V8) and Lamborghini (Gallardo 5. 2 is the best software to remove the IMMO code of ECU. 5 repair guidence repai. EFI Associates Model 2002 Digital Analyzer ecu programmer tool car repair MST-9000 MST9000 Automobile signal simulation tester automotive 2 years warranty full kit US $562. This is how our Mercedes Benz Truck ECU Test Bench was born. An ideal, entry level hydraulic cylinder repair bench, this model is not only affordable, but offers a fast return on investment. We have just taken delivery of an Integra ECM interrogator. Total Revenue: US$1 Million - US$2. sensor signal simulator driver board 1. They DID got it to FAIL with the "three-light/finger salute" at a higher temperature so they are going to break into it and upgrade/replace some components. X-Tool Odometer Programing Device. 99) Find great deals on the latest styles of Test bench. - ECU Bosch, Siemens, Marelli and Delphi BDM adapters (FLX4. MS004 COM is a multifunctional test bench intended for quick and quality diagnostics of automotive starters, alternators, and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices. Tip for diagnosis: let the engine idle rough for a while. 7721. ECUDEPOT. com An interesting collections about car repair tools, test platform, tester of the car Electronic control unit. ECU Testing and Repair Service . I need an installation test bench harness cluster and ecu pinout golf 4 for read eeprom I leave below a similar picture. 658. Please use the form below to contact us for more information, or call 817. 9CDTi Engine ECU Module so if you have a Vauxhall Zafira with a suspected ECU fault, then get in touch today. All Series 1 + 2 EMS repair jobs will go through a complete visual inspection and full bench test procedure. A brief account of ECU evolution. 00 $ 299. You will find that these bench multimeters, signal sources, timer counters and other bench instruments are a good value, particularly when compared against other tools for their cost/function ratio. The equipment detects failures of a vehicle unit before its mounting in a car, whether it is a remanufactured, repaired unit or a used one. Sep 20, 2017 · I am having an issue with a Opel Astra that has this E78 ecu in there. Tags: Ecu Tester Supplier | Ecu Common Rail Supplier | Ecu Repair Tools Supplier | Common Rail Pump Tester | Common Rail Test Simulator. Turns out they made 1 car out of 3 donor cars. If you are calling us from abroad, please do the following: First dial your international access code (for example 011 from US/Canada, or 00 from Europe) then the rest of the number which is 44 116 276 7054. Once loaded the read file of the ECU, The software will repair the IMMO . The Integra set up, will test most Bosch & Siemens body control modules, as well as many OE equipment VAG, Merc & BMW control units. The cables are made of Japanese materials with high quality and low price, which suitable for all automotive electronics and locksmith personnel in the market. 0 is ready Magicmotorsport releases new solutions for OBD programming of Bosch MED9. ECU TESTING, REPAIRS & MODIFICATION. Tune, upgrade, or repair your computer based on your results See how your system stacks up Compare to millions of test results From testing an aging laptop, to tuning an overclock - comparison tools and an extensive results database give you the info you need to understand your system's performance. 00 The fixed bench testing service charge for an Elite or Platinum ECU is USD $75 and F10X, E6X, E8, E11v2 is USD $145 even if no fault can be found. 00 US $ 295 OPCOM OP-COM 2010 CAN OBD2 OPEL Firmware OPCOM OP-COM CAN OBD2 OP COM V1. Don’t purchase a new ECU we repair damaged control units. Mark Future CAN Ecu Tester and Repair Bench is Upgrade lab bench tool its equipped with various ECU professional plugs shokets and instrument plug cables so that the user can use this tester to match the anti-theft devices and keys also can scane ECU on bench. read transmission data etc. Sensor Signal Simulation Tool for all makes. TCM Repair--FICM Repair--IDM Repair--Cummins Diesel. The minimum repair charge for an Elite or Platinum ECU is USD $175 and F10X, E6X, E8, E11v2 is . 01. Prices can start as little as $99 for a repair and as an alternative, we can replace an unrepairable ECU. This test bench serves as an extension to the PADT, allowing us to simulate the truck accurately. Reviews (0) WRX re-mapping. Test Equipment Made Easy. 00 $ 49. PORSCHE BENTLEY TOUAREG AUDI A8 combined on bench. Javoosi 565 South Mason Road Ste. Petrol engine management ECU £42. The list below is what will be tested on the bench. 59/V1. Jan 10, 2010 · This is a instrument cluster out of mid 2000 gm vehicle. Testing is available for motor applications sold by Brucato Power for the ACU. Since 2004, ECU Repair Now, DBA Auto Instrument Cluster Repair has been repairing and replacing automotive circutry and control modules. Mainly ECU repair companies or chiptuners often use diagnostic tool to perform ECU diagnostics outside vehicle. However, the high-end HIL systems now available in the automotive markets are often very expensive. 1. Sometime I need to repair again in a short time after bench test etc. 00 Add to cart; ISUZU 6HK1 4HK1 ECU Quick diagnose and programming cables $ 103. 0 NTG5. 12-19v power supply, 1amp min ( i have used 500ma, but i would recommend staying above an amp) We were able to repair the ECU and advised the customer to replace the coil pack on the vehicle prior to fitting the engine ECU. KTM Bench Boot is the latest ECU programming tool for ECU read and write via Boot mode or on bench. Series (Bench or Remote) FEM / BDC Cloning. All cars crank signal simulation experts. We are also control unit repair specialists. A 12V battery is used as a voltage source. It uses CAN communication protocol with a 250kbps rate. Developing and building internal combustion (IC) engine test bench submodules for test bench control, digital data acquisition, and online look-up table calibration on the engine control unit (ECU). It features: Female OBD2 port Power connections by 12V and Feb 23, 2021 · General VW/Audi Repair . In ATTACHMENTS you will find: user manuals (English, Polish) Quality: 1. Most failed instrument clusters are caused by manufacturing defects that cause internal component breakdown. We also give you all the Technical Support you need to get your car back on the road fast. 85. Jul 07, 2014 · About our Ecu Repair Service. With the ECU TEST DIESEL PRO, the repairer makes the testing of diesel modules on the bench, eliminating the need for a vehicle in the mechanical workshop AGILITY ECU TEST DIESEL PRO will help in conjunction with a diagnostic scanner to detect faults present in the module, saving repair time that can go straight to the defect. 5 Million. See our list of motor applications below. $0. 00 BMW FEM BDC on bench Key programming harness DME EGS TCU test platform $ 45. Every Electronic Control Module (also known as an Electronic Control Unit or ECU), has many factors specific to it that determines whether your part can be rebuilt. Apr 29, 2021 · Ecu repair tools automotive sensor simulator tester mst-9000 + New version 2012. If your ECU is faulty !! don't panic. com is a Ecu Programmer tech support blog. This is a highly specialized electronic repair service that you won’t find many other places. Thanks!! Mar 9, 2021 - www. ECU Basics. Automotive Universal Test Platform. co. 5 Head unit LCD Cluster navigation screen test platform Sale! $ 329. In the process of testing, data is shown on LCD display. Any issues you can email us at sales@autotronics. Flexible Conversion: The obd2 can bus breakout box device can convert the onboard OBD2 interface into 16 pins for signal detection and . Top 3 Markets: South America 15% , Southeast Asia 15% , Mid East 8%. Universal Cars ECU Tester MST-9000+ Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool mst9000 ecu repair . I repair quite a few of these but always have to have the vehicle to test or fix what usually goes wrong and hope for the best. You can email us, drop in or call 0208 853 5000. I probably can't just apply a small voltage each gauge to make sure everything works. However, our PADT ECU tester was not designed with a 24 V system in mind, nor was it built to simulate the loads driven by truck control units. Services While our specialty is ECU/ECM repair, our technicians can test, diagnose, and repair most automotive and marine electrical component failures. Professional Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning & Flow Testing ». Jul 15, 2019 · BMW - Bench-testing control units. This allows us to test most Computers or Electronic Control Modules OFF-BOARD! Cheap Car Diagnostic Cables & Connectors, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:ECU Test BENCH 32IN1 ECU Programmer Read and Write ECU Via Boot 32IN1 BENCH Tool V1. FAILURE POINTS. Product Description. 6HP EGS EWS Reset for F01/F02. Ecu repair tools automotive sensor simulator tester mst-9000 + New version 2012. Compare prices & save money on Automotive Repair Tools. 9. Diesel Engine ECU Test Bench Parameters: 1. 00 A detailed description of how to setup a bench testing procedure for repairing an automotive ECU, and test CAN devices. Write a review. FLEX PACK FOR BENCH ECU PROGRAMMING. DAMAGED ECU. We’re able to fully test & repair the Vauxhall Zafira 1. Thanks!! The testing and repair process at iAUTOHAUS will include a scan of the engine control unit’s memory or CPU to detect functionality. Bench Harness . Diesel Engine ECU Test Bench PHS With simple and concise appearance, reasonable design and easy-to-upgrade software, the Diesel PHS computer test bench is the right-hand to electronic fuel injection system teaching and training, decoder demonstration, testing and maintaining computer board. fuel injection pump test bench with EUI ECU VE tester. This often results in the company sending you back an entirely different unit. You mail in the ECU and within 24 hours we’ll let you know if and how much the repair will cost. Looking back at the number from . So that is not a problem at all. As for whether or not your S550 ECu is bad or not. 20 ECU Programmer Update Version of KTM Bench V1. The Electronics Test Bench: Basic, Better, Best. We offer a huge range of repair services for all automotive electronic modules. This is accomplished through the use of three custom-designed ECU testers: The original ECU tester: used for the older generation of ECUs. We have been committed to the highest accuracy, reliability, quality, and service for over 30 years. This kit contains all you need to reprogram and repair ECU on bench: - Grid with 58 slots. 34 / Piece Free shipping 3 in 1 KTM FLASH KTM BENCH KTM OBD1. You can also add an IC or other CAN-related systems for testing, but just building a basic ECU test bench is a great way to learn the CAN bus and how to create custom tools. Jun 01, 2015 · Just spoke to DFI on status of re-bench testing while thermal cycling the ECU. 50 to include return postage) Any ignition modules from older cars. MBench BENEFITS: Engine emulator on your table; The complete test of PLD ECU before test inside the Truck; Easy to use in your workplace; Save the place on your table; Reduce repair time by 70%; Improving experience and education of ECU repair knowledge. F10X, E6X, E8 & E11v2 ECU Bench Test. MST9001D Diesel PHS computer test bench can work independently as well. Mobile: 00 370 672 88644 Phone: 00 370 5 262 0270 Another mode of operating the tester is as a bench-top simulator for testing ECU's and MPS's. 00 Add to cart; Land Rover Jaguar Gear selector module Gear shift knob bench test activator $ 189. The test bench is intended to test AC compressors of wide range of vehicles on R134a refrigerant. Our ECU specialists can carry out an ECU bench test and diagnose the problem with a view to repair your control unit. ECU Programming and repair courses. 2) cars. *We do not test Mercury 280 boxes (unless it has 260 electronics), Motorola boxes, 3 Liter or OptiMax. We have a high success rate of repair. Oct 18, 2013 · this is an act to cut down on crime as many people realised how expensive these units can. An ECU from main dealer can typically cost around. 0. New Version Communication Detection Tool: GODIAG GT100 ECU Bench connectoris the latest testing platform for OBD2 protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance/ diagnosis/ programming /coding. CAS3 Cloning. Multi-packet data will be handled by the Transport layer – J1939/21 – TP. MST-9001D Diesel Engine ECU Test is newly upgraded matching product for MST-9000+, MST 9001D Engine Tester operate auto ECU test bench in China, and can completely drive various types of auto computers, sensor signals and fuel injector conditions. With a HCS-25-LS, repair facilities can count on safer, faster, and more . Will you test the unit for me? We offer bench testing for some ECU issues. BOSCH EDC7 plug and Repair replace Component; BMW F series Audio host CIC NBT on bench test plat. Look for clogged or pinched MAP sensor hose. MS111 - MSG Equipment. The process is simple. Dielektrik UAB Kareiviu str. Our testing bench! Flash-recoding using portable equipment. Compatible with Truck Explorer software from v5. Mercedes Benz W221 on bench simulate test platform. com. Feb 23, 2021 · General VW/Audi Repair . Can you test my engine computer ECU to see if its bad or to see if it needs to be repaired. We also advise you be wary of companies who claim to be able to repair no-comm units. 0116 276 7054. Without revving it, shut the motor. 100% accurate. Jul 04, 2019 · Test 3: When having the USB, bench harness, ECU, and power supply plugged in we want to see 6, 16, 26, or 36. By Rudy Ramos for Mouser Electronics Whether you are designing new products for a large corporation, tinkering with electronics as a hobby, or working somewhere in between, having the right test equipment for your needs is essential. A. Constructing a bench testing system for repairing and testing vehicle ECU modules. Test Platform ELV ABS ECU BCM Adapters . Content about different Ecu programmers introduce and reviews, How to use the Ecu chip tuning tool, The software installation and download. u-obd. 99 US $350. Upon completion, a detailed summary report sheet will be provided and emailed to you. Our testing bench. Will know in a few days when I get it back and re-installed. At Module Experts, we are able to both repair and remanufacture ECMs, but we always strive to repair your existing EMC whenever possible, to keep your cost and wait time . 2 engine control units installed on Audi (R8 4. Description. KTM BENCH ECU Programmer for BOOT and Bench Read and write BOOT+BENCH KTM-BENCH V1. Full range of repairs for Brucato ACU; minor repairs available for Mercury ECU. Ford Mustang Lincoln multirole multimedia SYNC3 bench power on test platform $ 179. A full-fledged hardware-in-the-loop test environment is always desired. This service charge covers handling costs and a thorough and full factory re-test of the returned unit. 10A, FLX4. 00 Select options; Mercedes Benz COMAND APS NTG5. uk. Cómo reparar AUDI TT A4 VOLKSWAGEN Passat Jetta Be. Main Products: pump test bench,injector test bench,cr test bench. Equipped with standard 16 PIN Adaptor, which makes much easier . Secure reprogramming of the ECU Application software is also possible using the J1939-based Flash Bootloader software. Elite or Platinum Series ECU Repairs. GODIAG GT100 is a latest testing platform for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance / diagnosis / programming / coding. This universal pin out cable allows you to connect easily and comfortably to most types control units. Hope you find the useful post here. 50 plus P+P In this situation, we recommend you have us unlock an ECU for you. US $3900 . The following layers are in the J1939 Bootloader software: . Repair Fee: $200 flat rate per EMS – whether it passes bench testing or not. The software IMMO Universal Decoding is compatible with read files with programmers such as UPA-USB, WELLON Series VP/GP, Galletto 1260, Serial and many other (not supplied with the software). We can offer a free bench test but you will be required to send us your damaged ECU by the mail. 10C, FLX4. So first i want to do is check whether the ecu is even alive. Look for incorrect fuel curve for application, or a corrupt fuel curve. Hopefully this will resolve it. 45/V1. This is the reason that we dont provide a bench testing service, for many faults its too unreliable and is not good practice. At only $85 plus return shipping – it . I also sent some ecu's to some company who give warranty and have more knowledge, equipment etc. REPAIR PROCESS. With over 5000 satisfied customers, our technicians will diagnose the malfunctioning unit, reccomend and complete repairs to get you back on the road fast. TraceTronic ECU-TEST. The first generation of Fuel Injection ECUs in the late 1960s and 70s used analogue techniques employing resistors and timer circuits to produce rather basic fueling laws which were 'best matched' to the engine requirements. KTMFlash ECU programmer can read the chip data, read & write ECU data. 10B, FLX4. Jun 13, 2011 · Upgrade lab bench is equipped with various ECU professional plugs and instrument plugs so that the user can use this tester to match the anti-theft devices and keys; Equipped with standard 16 PIN Adaptor, which makes much easier connect the tester with scan tools to read ECU data stream. 09 - $499. Cheap Car Diagnostic Cables & Connectors, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:ECU Test BENCH 32IN1 ECU Programmer Read and Write ECU Via Boot 32IN1 BENCH Tool V1. com sales @ dielektrik. Regular price $160 View. This item: Car Signal Simulator,Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Replacement for ECU Car Repair Diagnostic Tool MST‑9000+(American plug) $1,128. Our unique equipment simulates the input signals to the ECU, allowing the ECU to function on the testing bench as if it were running on the vehicle, and then automatically monitors its outputs. If we can't repair your Ecu then we can clone it or . - Adapter JTAG Toyota Renesas/NEC. With this tool you can connect up to 4 modules simultaneous ecm, cluster etc , simulate signals like tps, temp, map etc. ECU Repair--ECM Repair--PCM Repair--BCM Repair. SEND IT TO US. ECU Team utilizes the industries most advanced bench-test simulators ever created, along with dealership-level diagnostic scanning equipment. Explore More Product. These bench instruments are compact and easily transported, but they are also multi-functional. Thanks!! Cheap Car Diagnostic Cables & Connectors, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:ECU Test BENCH 32IN1 ECU Programmer Read and Write ECU Via Boot 32IN1 BENCH Tool V1. 8HP EGS EWS Reset for E/F/G series (Bench or Remote) 6HP EGS EWS Reset for E70/E71 (X5, X6) Advanced Remote Support. 4 mm) diameter. 99 Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks. 00 Add to cart; HINO DENSO Quick diagnose & programming cables $ 113. Simply fill in our application form and include it with your faulty ECU, We recommend using tracked or signed postal services. 99 CNH EST DPA5 Diagnostic Kit Case New Holland Electronic Service Tools CNH DPA5 Agriculture tractor Engine Diagnostic scanne Dielektrik UAB Kareiviu str. Besides, you need to test your ECU software/hardware, and even some basic calibrations on the bench. Second hand modules available for some applications. 15764 East 107th Place Commerce City, CO 80022. · OFF-BOARD ECM PCM Simulation Testing: Our In-House designed and built Electronic Computer Module bench tester allows us to Simulate major aspects of a working vehicle including Communication, Injectors, Coils, Battery, Charging, SKIM and more. See more ideas about electronic control unit, ecu, repair. KTMOBD programmer was born for reading chip data, reading and writing data of ECUs and a few types of gearbox. Now with even more connections and pins types, you can connect to a wide variety of ECU's. And if we cant fix it, its free!Since 2004, ECU . We also provide an evaluation for your BOSCH Motronic ECU or DME circuit board and all electronic components to determine if the module is showing signs of the following damage: ECU Repair and ECU Testing | Electronic Control Unit Specialist in UK. 00 – $ 235. I've collected some odd ones over the years, for info & avail abilty please email. ecu tester repair bench